Thursday, April 5, 2012

Digital Pin-Up

The other day I had a go at my first digital pin-up. I worked over an image, editing and changing aspects. I need to just keep doing these, digitally or on good old paper.

*click to enlarge image

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Artist : Siolo Thompson

I've been meaning to do a few posts about pieces or artists I come across that awe or inspire me. And Siolo Thompson is certainly one that falls under both categories.

She was a complete random find on tumblr while doing some research for an assignment where I was mingling Occidental and Oriental horoscopes. I'd decided to do this through pin-ups. Oddly enough, when I found her she was in the middle of creating a set of Zodiac pin-ups! And they are beautiful!





And then there's her alphabet....

Her style is just stunning and very much her own. This summer's gonna be an all out pin-up drawing frenzy for me to improve and work on developing my style further.

Dr. Sketchy's March Session

My first Sketchy's session since June! God I missed it! The music, the models, the hopeful sense that I could possibly win some frilly knickers! And let us not forget the spinning tassels.

This month's session made Easter not so innocent with the fabulous Foxy Pony as an Easter Bunny and a pretty adorable Randall Jones as a sexy birdman, or a more suggestive bird name I'm sure you can come up with yourself. As usual we were treated to some wonderful performances, this month seeing the brilliant Roxy Rhinestone take on Snow White, whistling (and stripping) while she worked, as well as Randall flying high and feeling good (with feathers EVERYWHERE). The music was perfect as always - and I left with the B52s and The Safety Dance stuck in my head - and Scarlett Nymph kept the whole beautiful machine running smoothly.

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