Thursday, August 6, 2015

Girl Parts : Sadie Chapter 1 (NSFW - barely)

Girl Parts is a comic that has gone through too many changes to count at this point. I finally found a style and way to tell the story I was happy with a few months ago, but I believe I will leave this story alone now. It's very close to me, which is probably why I'm having so much trouble getting it just right. 

However, I love this style and these characters so they will both pop up again in another form. Since I already completed Sadie's opening chapter, I wanted to share it. Sadie is my Obsessive-Compulsive character after my own heart. I'm pretty proud of this section because I tried something new and had fun. Comic creation is slowly rising to the surface in me again, like a lovely bruise. But lovelier...

I put a NSFW warning on this because boobs, but it was more for your job's sake really, there's nothin' going on here. Except quiet storytelling. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I started a series of daily doodles over on Instagram, calling them #moodyfaces. It was a simple way of documenting my feelings every day as well as ensuring I drew a little something too. I've fallen out of the habit of doing it recently but I managed to keep it up for a month or so. Here's a random hanful:

Sunday, June 21, 2015

#MeetTheArtist on Instagram

The shiny Amanda De Oliveira Spitzner of Exploding Comics challenged me to make one of these #meettheartist sheets over on Instagram. 

I gladly accepted. 

If you're Instagram-inclined, follow me over at @whereismyraptor

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Evening Scribbles

Amid tattoo planning at my boyfriend's one night, I took time for some doodlebraining. 

(brilliant film)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sneaky Peek at Girl Parts (wheh)

While rummaging around my old laptop yesterday for part of an old Casket Case script, I found one for Girl Parts that I don't even remember writing! Reading it, I was pretty engrossed and wanted to get working on it immediately. This comic has been hard going for years. It's one that I really want to share but it's also very personal. We all know how those projects go and how difficult they are to, somewhat, perfect before sharing with the world. Or even getting started. 

This new style I've been trying out seems to lend itself really well to my character designs, so I decided to give the whole comic a go in that style. I'm going to allow myself to not be perfect and just get the bloody thing out! Reading Wet Moon also gave me a great boost for getting started on this. I loved every little thing about that first volume. I really wanted to create again.

After finding that script yesterday, I pencilled four pages and got some inked too. I'm working directly into an A5 notebook with this - really trying to stress a relaxed vibe with this for myself. I've added a little sneaky peek down below too. I'm interested how others see this style and layout working. Leave me a comment if you're so inclined :)

More soon! <3

Dr Sketchy's Midweek Session with Vixyn Von Trix

This early June session was a) my first session since March 2014, I think, and b) my first evening out alone in a very long time. Going to Sketchy's, often alone, used to be a monthly thing for me but good habits have slipped away in the past year. But I'm now set on getting my ass out to Sketchy's for at least one of the sessions each month.

This was also the first life drawing I've done in over a year. I'm so glad my skill didn't just melt out of my hands with all the note-taking, essay writing and exams I've done in the last year.

I'll stop blabbing now and show you some pretty pictures. Vixyn Von Trix was marvellous, holding a 20 minute standing pose like a true pro! And she looked spectacular in her 20s flapper get up. This was a midweek session, so it was done in the round. 

10 minute

10 minute

20 minute

20 minute

1 minute


So, I'm all set up on RedBubble for all your sticker and accessory related needs.

The stuff I have up is in the new style I've been playing around with. Very cute and becoming more on point politically and culturally.

Bodily autonomy, internet dating and intimate discomfort... certainly images for the modern lady.

Long time, old chap!

Well, this is awkward.

To break it, here's a doodle of me shamefully eating cookies.

We all good now?

So while I've been away for the last - oof -year, I've been colleging it up. Yes, I learned that verb there. I was attending Trinity through the access programme, and I might just be going on to do a full degree course later this year. I got me some lovely first class honours and all!

But.... my art has suffered. I haven't had much time or the wherewithal to work on the comics of even enjoy a good doodle! Shocking behaviour, all together!

Earlier this month I attended Sketchy's - for the first time in OVER A YEAR. That pattern will certainly be a-changing!

Basically, my art has slowly been slotting itself back into my life lately, as messy as my life has been itself. What that means is more blogging and more images to share with y'all.

I've started working on both Casket Case and Girl Parts again, and am set up on RedBubble for your purchasing pleasure - yay, stickers!

More to come soon. Like, literally in ten minutes.