Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School - April

So, today was my third Dr. Sketchy's session and it was just as fabulous as the last two! And a major win for me - apart from a cupcake, huzzah! - was getting there on time. Previously I was met with rain, late busses, traffic and an all too close encounter with a pidgeon while making my way to The Good Bits! In fact, I was there with enough time to get a seat with a great view to boot!

This month's theme was the Seven Deadly Sins, at least it's Part I of it. It featured Spunky Gore as Wrath and Fawnya Frolic as Lust, both filling their roles to a T. As usual, we were treated to some performances. Today's came in the form of Vixyn Sedition (of Sedition Industries) and her debut solo performance which was like hell unleashed through ballet. Also performing was Emily Aoibheann (Dr. Sketchy's own Tank Girl from February) as St. Blackbird with her delightfully un-saintly act.

I'm really happy with a lot of these, each time I go I'm getting better. I really can't wait for next month's since it's not only Dr. Sketchy's birthday spectacular, but the session will be the day after my 21st! Yay!

Before the pictures, here's a link to my Dr. Sketchy's article from last month on Geek Girl on the Street! :)

This one got me a cupcake, thanks to Spunky's choice :)