Monday, February 28, 2011

Artist Interviews

For both my art appreciation module and for myself and my bloggie, I've been interviewing some phenomenal artists! These include Adam Hughes and Camilla d'Errico, and some folks you mightn't have heard of but definitely should have - Sylvia K, Audrey Bishop, Lorna M. Stephens. I don't mean to leave names out because they're all fantastic, I'm just trying not to over-gush.
I hope you'll check them out! Still to come is Ben Templesmith, BriAnna Olson, Molly Crabapple and Susanne Iles and more!

Pucker Up 'n' Pierce

As part of the NCAD brief, I did some studies of mouths and piercings, mostly in the lip and nose. I was quite happy with how some of them came out. Thank you, polychromos for the puckered mouth close-up. Those pencils are just smashing.

Fresh Prints!

The titles are just getting shameful now. I apologise, but it was inevitable. These are some of the prints I've done with a few different techniques. Actually, it's more so the print plates, since my prints are in college, but there is one nifty print I got a photo of.

Painting With My Glasses Off

Okay, this is me striving to come up with a somewhat interesting title while tired and thinking about all the other things I should be doing right now!

Anyway, this is a few of the paintings I did of some fancy glasses (shot, sherry, brandy...). They're done with acrylic (some with mixed media), but most of them look more like watercolours... They're all A4 except the final one which is A2.

Deadlines, Briefs and Impending Doom!

Oy! The portfolio submission dates seemed so far away...back when I began. Now they're flying at me like nobody's business! NCAD was just last month (and I've got another two weeks or so of pained waiting to hear back from them) and now DIT is a mere three or four days away. Luckily, having been pushed into doing the NCAD brief - and ending up loving some of the work I created - I have a whole bundle of stuff already done that will work for Fine Art, and some stuff for Visual Communications - which grows more unappealing to me by the day. I still need some storyboards for Animation to submit to IADT and Ballyfermot (whose interview is oh so close!!!), but I'll worry about that after DIT. At least one of my sculptures should be done this week too in time for DIT... So. Much. Cling-film....
And then this weekend is P-Con! Oh me, oh my, I am kept busy!

Artful Blogger!

So, this will be known as the awkward first post on my art blog. Sheesh, I've been planning on setting one up for my art for-ever now! I think this is the right time (maybe a little late) since I've proved to myself that I can keep a blog running for a somewhat long period of time. There's still life in Bewitched, Bothered & Bespectacled, which fills me with that warm, pridey feeling. Or, pride...

Anyhow, here's some pretty in the form of Tank Girl to settle the blog into the onslaught of posts I'll be making over the next hour...