Thursday, January 26, 2012

Birthday Pin-Up

Today is my friend Keelin's birthday and this was the cover of a card I made for her. I've made friends' cards before, but I just really liked this one.. so I snapped a photo of it before attaching it to the rest of the card, made by my other friend, Emma.

Luckily, she was happy with it, so yay :)

*Both of these gals are smashing illustrators, so follow the linkies :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little Red

Character study for Little Red Riding Hood. I've still to colour the hood and cape red, but I'm going to get a photocopy first to be safe.
Just another two characters to go and a narrative page.... sleep has become but a distant memory. On the other hand, I'm finally happy with (and have) my idea for this project, so it's worth the sleep deprivation.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Space Oddity

My latest project was finally completed today! :) After about 27hrs work from Friday to Sunday (and more before that), lots of back pain, some tea and a few set's done.

I had to make and illustrate a book based on one of a list of songs given. Bowie was there. Bowie was chosen. Simple as.

At first I went the obvious route and was going to do a futuristic-space-type-thing before opting for the mad house. Our dear 'Major Tom' thinks he's a starman but he's really just a little bit mad. Fun times ensue. And lots of splishy-splashy ink - I've looked a bit Rorschach the past few days...

These are a just a few of the pages from the finished piece.

cover - I'm going to go back to this and add some white or silver around the letters to make it stand out better

interactive spinny wheel!!! I managed to photograph it mid spin too :D
*click images to enlarge

Friday, January 13, 2012

Lady Godiva

Maureen O' Hara as Lady Godiva.
Okay, the next thing I draw really should be college related... since I've been doing so much stippling and cross-hatching I'll work on my representational piece.

Sex & the Single Girl

My classes were cancelled today (yippee!), so instead of my usual Friday bus trek I took the time to stare at a photo of Tony Curtis... this would make for a much better Friday routine, I think.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Frankly My Darling...

I had the urge to draw something not college related, and this was the result. Why I chose to do stippling while relaxing I do not know...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Textured Knot

Three studies of a textured knot (beads, glove, scarf, braces) for college. All done in ink, using different techniques to show texture and form.




*click to enlarge images

'Masquerade' I

These are some watercolour & pen self-portraits I did as research for a class project, Masquerade.

Zombie Self-Portrait

To kick start the Ballyfermot 1st yr Illustration blog, 28 Illustrators Later, we're showing off our skills (and our brains) with some zombified self-portraits.
This image also acts as an explaination for my recent radio silence here...