Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sneaky Peek at Girl Parts (wheh)

While rummaging around my old laptop yesterday for part of an old Casket Case script, I found one for Girl Parts that I don't even remember writing! Reading it, I was pretty engrossed and wanted to get working on it immediately. This comic has been hard going for years. It's one that I really want to share but it's also very personal. We all know how those projects go and how difficult they are to, somewhat, perfect before sharing with the world. Or even getting started. 

This new style I've been trying out seems to lend itself really well to my character designs, so I decided to give the whole comic a go in that style. I'm going to allow myself to not be perfect and just get the bloody thing out! Reading Wet Moon also gave me a great boost for getting started on this. I loved every little thing about that first volume. I really wanted to create again.

After finding that script yesterday, I pencilled four pages and got some inked too. I'm working directly into an A5 notebook with this - really trying to stress a relaxed vibe with this for myself. I've added a little sneaky peek down below too. I'm interested how others see this style and layout working. Leave me a comment if you're so inclined :)

More soon! <3

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